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As part of your financial aid, a student may be able to work to pay some college expenses. SFCC offers need-based job opportunities such as:  on campus positions, community service and tutoring. Some positions may be located off campus also. Most FWS positions pay minimum wage and normally provide about 12-15 hours of work per week. The work study program is a need based program where the school is tasked to make federal work study student jobs reasonably available to the extent of available funds, to all eligible students. In any given year, 60-80 students may actually work under the federal work study program here at SFCC. Students are paid work study funds based on the number of hours worked during the pay period. Work study students are paid every two weeks.

At SFCC, we package work study funds to students who has stated on their FAFSA that they were interested in the work study program and meet the basic requirement of having unmet need after subtracting the expected family contribution and any grants and scholarships from students' cost of attendance. Please keep in mind that there are many more students who qualify to work under the federal work study program than we have positions. In any given year, we may have over a 1,000 students who meet the basic qualifications. However, we only receive enough funds from the U.S. Department of Education to fund approximately 45-50 positions each academic year.

So how does a student get hired to use federal work study funds? The college looks at the federal work study program as a learning opportunity for the student. In the work study program hiring process, we try to mirror what the student would see if they were pursuing employment in the "real world." This gives students an opportunity to complete a job application, do job interviews and learn from these activities what prospective employers may be looking for in an employee. We do suggest, in addition to completing the job application, that students talk to supervisors to indicate an interest in working in their area. 

The normal process for a student to receive federal work study funds is to complete an online SFCC job application. As supervisors have openings the applications are forwarded to them. They determine who they want to interview based on the job requirements and the information provided on the job application.

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