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Federal and State Financial Aid 

Financial aid is comprised of grants, loans, scholarships, and student work opportunities to help defray their college expenses. State Fair Community College participates in most Title IV federal financial aid programs and several state programs. The basic precept of these programs is that parents and students have the primary responsibility and obligation to assist in meeting educational costs after the family’s and student’s financial resources are taken into consideration.  

 Each financial aid program requires specific eligibility and application procedures. These procedures are briefly explained below. For complete eligibility and application procedures for a specific program you may visit the applicable Web site that is listed in the description or visit the SFCC Financial Aid Office.  If you have any questions concerning the different financial aid programs please email us at .

 It is important to note that all financial aid programs require students to be degree/certificate seeking and to continually meet eligibility requirements under the SFCC "Standards of Academic Progress” and Grade Point Average.  These standards are explained throughout the information presented within the financial aid web site and are also printed in the course catalog and available in the Financial Aid Office.



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